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About Mail Boxes Etc.

What if one shipping and courier service could cover the whole world?

With MBE, it does.
Your package will always be sent by the shipping or courier service which gives you the best value for money. Which gets your parcel there on time. Whether that’s domestically in Finland or to the other side of the globe.
You can send any kind of goods. From the important to the irreplaceable. Documents. Heavy and awkward parcels. Even the largest items of furniture and vehicles. Or all of your worldly possessions at once.

Get the best partner carriers chosen for you.

MBE’s shipping service is carried out by our worldwide network of partner carriers. You will have a destination, timeframe and budget in mind for your shipment. If it means multiple carriers or multiple modes of transport, you will always have the best deal found for you.

Secure your shipment with a packaging service

Take advantage of MBE’s packaging services and get better security for all your shipments. MBE’s comprehensive range of packaging materials protects your valuable and important shipments.

Choose between professional packing options.

Sending items safely via courier service is always easier when your goods are properly packed.

Rely on comprehensive logistics expertise.

Get your entire company’s logistics requirements handled in one professional, easy-to-manage service. Set up regular reporting. Inventory management. And much more. Send your goods where you need them to go today. Walk into your local MBE Centre or get in touch now.

Why Choose Us


That’s right, we’re locally owned and close by, meaning you get your job fast


Our in-house services including print and couriers mean we turnaround jobs fast.


Our reputation is paramount and we take great pride in our workmanship. Nothing leaves our centres without passing stringent quality checks.


MBE has been around since the 1980’s. You can trust our well known, international brand.

Your mailbox rental service made hassle-free

Boost your small business’s reputation. Get any parcels and important documents signed for when you can’t be there. MBE’s mailbox rental service is perfect for individuals and smaller companies.

Include mail forwarding.

There’s no need to make the trip down to your local MBE Centre. Simply set up mail forwarding for when you know you’ll be in at home or work.

Get a reputable address in a busy commercial district.

Your virtual address will promote your company’s reputation in the eyes of your potential clients.

Receive mail from any carrier.

Someone will always be there to sign for any package you receive.

Find out more now.

Get a free quote. And easily set up your mailbox in your preferred MBE Centre.

MBE Stories

800kg of Bufala mozzarella from Italy to Finland

800kg of Bufala mozzarella from Italy to Finland

A Helsinki based restaurant ordered 800kg of Mozzarella di Bufala…

National Ski team of Italy competing in Lahti

National Ski team of Italy competing in Lahti

The Italian Skiing Team was participating the Lahti Ski Games and they requested the help of MBE…

Art deliveries to all around world

Art deliveries to all around world

MBE Finland is helping many local art dealers in Finland ship their sold items. From pick-up to packing and then shipping it to clients all around the world…

Graphic Design & Print - Franchise News Day

Graphic Design & Print - Franchise News Day

Franchise News organize a yearly event for franchising chain leaders to network. MBE participated in 2019 as a partner in the event.

Move across countries

Move across countries

With the help of MBE Finland, 2 students moved back to Italy and effortlessly shipped all their belongings back home – door to door

Organic Food delivered to your home

Organic Food delivered to your home

Once a week, MBE packs “Organic Food Bags” and delivers them door to door to clients who have made an order from small organic food producers.

Printing in Finland. Perfect for your every project.

Print your entire marketing campaign. A single oversize banner or billboard. Send a single parcel halfway around the world. Or manage your entire company’s logistics needs. MBE’s printing and courier services give Finland a way to make doing business easier.
No matter the challenges involved in creating your printed communications. No matter your logistics requirements.
MBE makes the impossible, possible.

Perfect for individuals.

Small and medium enterprises. And corporations too. People around the world, as well as companies of all sizes, use MBE’s printing and courier services. Because they know they will reliably get what they need.

Include distribution to your mailing list and more.

Rely on the start-to-finish management of your project. Provide a mailing list and get enveloping, addressing and distribution of your marketing collateral. Get your banners delivered to wherever you need them to be displayed.

Meet your shortest deadlines.

Get an instant start on the production of your project. Count on fitting in with your timeframe no matter how short it is.

Whatever it takes to make your project a success.

Print business cards. Posters. Flyers. Magazines. Whatever you need to print, you will find the technology to create it in your local MBE Centre.

Any goals. Any deadline. Your graphic design service in Finland

From your initial ideas and concept. To the finishing touches of your design. Wherever you are in the creation process, MBE’s graphic design service gives businesses and individuals in Finland the expertise they need.
Do you need to perfect your latest marketing campaign? Create an oversize banner? Or rebrand your entire company?
MBE makes it easy. Whatever kind of design specialist you are looking for. You’ll find them here.

Include everything you need in one order.

Meet your deadline. Include printing and delivery. Whatever you need to make your project happen on time. And on budget.

Include everything you need in one order.

Meet your deadline. Include printing and delivery. Whatever you need to make your project happen on time. And on budget.

Create everything you need for your next trade show.

From business cards and flyers to banners and rollups. Get all the materials for your next trade show. Including delivery to and collection from your site.

Brand and rebrand with professional advice.

Your brand says a lot about your company. Make sure that yours says what you want your customers to see. With a professional corporate image consulting service. Ideal for start-ups and established companies alike.