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MBE Franchising FAQs

MBE - Frequently Asked Questions about franchises

Franchising FAQs

Franchising is a model which gives small business owners the support they need to get competitive – fast. It helps you to reduce the risks involved in setting up your own business. And then grow more quickly once you start trading.
It allows us to benefit from the commitment and drive which all of the other entrepreneurs who are part of our network bring to the table as we continue to expand worldwide.

A franchise agreement is a type of commercial contract. It lays out the duties of the two parties in the agreement – the franchisor and the franchisee – so that each knows their responsibilities to each other.

The franchisor gives the franchisee permission to use their brand name, trademarks and special processes and often supports them to make sure their business is a success.

The franchisee is one of the two parties who signs a franchise agreement. They are legally and economically independent of the franchisor but permitted to use their name, trademarks and proven processes.

To start a business of any kind you will need both initial and working capital. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to seek investment funding.
MBE has already helped over 2500 entrepreneurs worldwide set up their businesses. Part of that process will involve making sure you get frank advice as to the best combination of private funding, loans, grants, subsidies and other options which suit your personal circumstances best.

Yes, absolutely. Your initial training will be a four-week course including field training, in-store training and classroom instruction. The focus will be on the basic aspects of operation, of course, but also the skills needed to develop your business.

After you complete your initial training, ongoing training in many other aspects of business operation, management and development are then on offer.

Yes. As soon as you have finished your initial four-week training course, other sessions will be available. These can include training in all aspects of business management and development and will be provided by both internal company and external specialists.

You will also have opportunities to meet and conduct workshops or in-centre programs with other more experienced or high-performing franchisees and regional managers.

You will get full support and advice when deciding on the location of your Centre. Having opened over 2500 Centres worldwide, we know what to look for when it comes to siting yours to maximise your business’s potential for growth.

Yes. It’s in everyone’s best interest that MBE Centres do not compete with each other. Your franchise agreement will lay out a clear geographical area in which no other MBE Centres will be authorised to be opened.

You will receive full support when setting up your Centre. MBE will provide you with a design plan, internal layout and furniture and fixture requirements which have proven themselves to work around the world.
Setting up more than 2500 Centres has given us a lot of experience in what works. So you will be able to open your Centre quickly, easily and the most cost-effective way.

n short, the services you provide and the way you provide them. MBE’s services are used by small and medium businesses, individuals and corporations around the world. We provide the kind of services which many, many people need every day.

The national-level marketing campaigns MBE conducts are a benefit to all of our entrepreneurs. But it’s the concept we call “farming” which we believe will bring the most customers to your door. Every person who is part of or who interacts with your MBE Centre should be engaged with. Listened to. And the services they need should be provided in the most proactive and reliable way.

The MBE business concept has proven itself robust and adaptable enough to handle the cultural and economic environments in more than 40 countries around the world. It is almost certainly going to work in yours.

This is sometimes possible. If this is an option that you are interested in, you will get all of the information about the Centre in question and any advice you might need in general before you decide.

The major challenges of starting your own business include the scale of the risk. The length of time it takes to get trading. And unexpected problems which you may face in delivering your goods and services which your skills and experience aren’t yet set to handle.

An MBE franchise supports you in all of those areas and more. Your initial set up will be faster, easier and come with reduced risk. And you will be fully supported in your ongoing operations by a central team who understand your problems and know how to overcome them. Having already helped over two and a half thousand entrepreneurs successfully do so before.