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MBE at your side
MBE franchise benefits and support

MBE at your side - the support and benefits of an MBE franchise

Make a strong start with your business. And continue to rely on that support while you grow. The main benefits of an MBE franchise come from experience. The powerful brand. The established processes. And having ready access to any training, guidance and advice you need. Whenever you need it.

The MBE business concept

MBE’s business concept has proven itself in more than 40 countries worldwide. Over a period of almost 30 years. That’s because the concept does not go out of fashion. It isn’t seasonal. And it doesn’t lend itself to the short-term.

Instead, it is a business built upon the delivery of high-quality services which are ideal for small and medium businesses of all kinds. Those enterprises which will benefit hugely from a massive increase in efficiency in certain processes which they don’t themselves specialise in.

On top of this, MBE’s range of services provides each entrepreneur in our network with a varied and challenging environment in which to work. With the solutions they need to provide every day almost always giving them something new and interesting to commit themselves to doing.

Get the training you need – and rely on the experience you don’t yet have

You will be able to count on extensive experience and know-how when you set up your business. And when you run it day-to-day. MBE has already helped more than 2500 individual entrepreneurs around the world set up and operate their MBE Centres.

Benefit from national marketing campaigns

The MBE brand is known around the globe. You will instantly become part of a brand which is promoted and supported by marketing activities conducted at a national level. Perfect for getting that initial boost to your start-up. And continued advertising of your business in the future.

Save money with huge purchasing power

That network of 2500 MBE Centres provides huge bargaining power. MBE has created and will continue to create framework agreements on behalf of all of our entrepreneurs. Giving you the ability to get better deals on necessary supplies and services. As well as to be positioned as the best possible provider yourself for companies both large and small who need a flexible service which will allow them to compete more effectively.

Develop your business with proven tools

You get support with starting up your business, of course. But you also get all the assistance you might need to grow your business throughout the long-term. This can include the tools, tactics, strategies and techniques which have made it possible for all of MBE’s other entrepreneurs to continue to grow their businesses.

Get financial guidance

Set up your business’s financial structure and get any funding you might need via a simplified process. MBE has a series of agreements with banks and other financial entities for you to take advantage of.

Count on advice in location selection

You will always get full advice on what makes the ideal location for your MBE Centre. Combined with your knowledge of your local area, we will work together to make sure you choose the perfect location.

Complete your build and interior design

Establishing thousands of locations around the world has given us the opportunity to test what really works when it comes to the interior design of your MBE Centre. That’s one less thing to worry about when you’re setting up your business.

Improve through smart business analytics

As an experienced business owner, you know that measuring every aspect of your operation is vital to knowing how and where to focus your efforts as you grow. MBE handles this for you. By collecting, analysing and distributing data throughout the MBE network. So that you know what works. And how to get the most out of the work you’re putting in.