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Me in MBE
The MBE experience - what's it like as an entrepreneur?

Me in MBE

Day-to-day tasks. Clientele. Your own personal goals and what you get out of it. What’s running your own MBE Centre really like for an entrepreneur?

Here you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

What will I do?

It will be your job to create solutions for the challenges which your customers present to you. This will involve bringing together the correct combination of services you offer in order to fulfil their goals. Relatively straightforward tasks like packing and stacking. Arranging for deliveries and picking up goods. Graphic design. Printing and production. Finishing, forwarding and storing goods and print communications. Anything which you and your Centre can do faster, better and more easily than this particular client or their business. Freeing them to concentrate on what they do best. On any given day, you might meet a client who needs to send a special part to the other side of the world in the morning. Another who needs to design, address and dispatch an entire leaflet campaign at lunchtime. And, in the afternoon, figure out a solution which manages the entire product shipping and logistics needs of a local business.

What will my clients be like?

Most of your clients will either be the owners or key operators of small and medium businesses or individuals. The services you will offer are the ideal fit for all kinds of companies. They allow owners to access efficient processes for things like graphic design and logistics without needing their own expensive in-house team. The way it works is this: The more problems you solve for your clients. The more you become a standard part of the way they do business. The more you will bring them value and the more they will continue to use you as a matter of routine. Much like everything MBE does, this is based on you building a strong relationship with your clients. Through the reliable, honest and committed way you assist them each and every time

What do I get out of it?

Starting your own business might be your dream. It is for many entrepreneurs who become a part of the MBE network. The reason why they choose to do so with MBE is that you get ongoing support with starting up your business. And to grow and develop it too. Because one of the most difficult things to face when starting your own business is doing so without a safety net of any kind. MBE provides that. So your entrepreneurial drive and passion can flourish. While you still have all of the experience, expertise – not to mention national-level advertising – of the larger MBE brand and network to count on. Edit Edit with WPBakery Page Builder