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History of MBE
Mail Boxes Etc. company history and growth

A history of MBE

MBE currently has over 2500 locations in more than 40 countries around the globe. But the company didn’t get there overnight.

Here's a brief history of MBE:


Founded in San Diego, California.


Graziano Fiorello becomes Master Franchisee of MBE in Italy and opens the first MBE Italy Centre.


MBE Italy has expanded to include around 300 Centres across the country. It’s a market presence in more than 75% of Italian provinces. And thus the most successful MBE master franchisee worldwide.

2000 - 2005

MBE Italy acquires master franchises in Spain, Austria and Germany. The network soon reaches a total of over 600 MBE Centres in all four countries combined.


Now called MBE Worldwide, the Fiorelli family’s wholly-owned subsidiary acquires the entirety of Mail Boxes Etc. This includes all of the trademarks, the business format and all other master franchising contracts outside of the USA and Canada. MBE Worldwide is now the owner of Mail Boxes Etc. and overall franchisor of the franchise system.


Aided by the acquisition by MBE Worldwide, the network reaches a total of 1370 Centres in more than 30 countries. The aggregated turnover of the network now exceeds €330 Million.


MBE Italy celebrates its 20-year anniversary.


MBE’s portfolio of services now includes graphic design and printing, office products, eCommerce shipping solutions and a line of printer products under the name MBE Print.


The network reaches a total of 1500 locations on four continents. The aggregated turnover of the network now exceeds €400 Million.


MBE acquires two American companies – PostNet International Franchise and AlphaGraphics Inc. The network reaches a total of 2500 Centres. This includes around 500 in the United States and 2000 in 40 other countries all around the world.