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National shipping service

Send any item or items wherever you need them to go. MBE’s national shipping service in Finland covers all 19 regions. And we have partnerships with all of the leading domestic carriers. So whether it’s a single letter or a whole series of shipments you need to send, you always get the best deal. On time and on budget.

European Shipping Service

Customise your European shipping service from Finland to anywhere inside or outside of the EU. Have all customs procedures handled for you. Get the best carrier for your timetable and your budget. And make sure your items arrive safely. Whether it’s a single document. Or your company’s entire logistics needs.

Worldwide Shipping Service

Get the best value no matter where in the world you need your goods to get to. Meet your demands for timeframe and budget. And make sure you meet all customs, import and export regulations without any stress or hassle. MBE’s worldwide shipping and international courier services send goods from Finland around the world.

MBE SafeValue

Protect any goods you need to send. Their real value – as well as the cost of the courier you’re using to send them. MBE SafeValue ensures that the entire cost of your shipment is safe. Ideal for commercial and private needs. Perfect for artwork, wine, technology and more. It’s shipping insurance made easy.


Say goodbye to import problems with customs. For everything from raw materials and part-finished products you’re shipping for commercial reasons to your latest online purchase, MBE Import makes bringing goods into Finland simple. Get all customs requirements dealt with. And manage and track ongoing shipments with ease.

Pallets shipping

Send your pallets of goods across the country, across Europe or around the world. MBE’s pallets shipping service is ideal for any company in Finland. Are you sending a single pallet? Or are you looking for an ongoing logistics partner? Join the hundreds of businesses worldwide who use MBE to make shipping pallets easy.

Professional Packing

Keep any item you send safe and sound while in transit. With specialist materials in use and trained logistics experts handling your goods, MBE’s professional packing service is ideal whether Finland or any location in the world is your item’s destination. Save your time and your money. And protect even fragile parcels

Shipping lists review

Every year MBE conducts an extensive review of domestic and international shipping costs. This lets us ensure that you continue to get the best value from all of our services. And that the independent entrepreneurs in our network have all the information they need to set their courier prices. Find out more here.

F.A.Q. Shipping and Packaging

Do you have a query about your shipment? Contact the logistics specialists in your local MBE Centre at any time. Or check out the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions about shipping here. Our shipping FAQs answer queries about prohibited goods, restricted goods, destinations, remote and fuel surcharges and more.

Translocate (MBE Special Moving)

Shipping heavy or awkward items is simple, with MBE Special Move. Ideal for cars and motorbikes. Bulky items of furniture. Or your entire home contents. You can arrange for pick-up from your door via a specialist transport vehicle. And get the best value on shipping your goods by land, sea or air – whatever you need.

The most convenient national shipping service in Finland

Get the best value for money when you send any item to any domestic destination. MBE’s national shipping service for Finland covers everywhere from central Helsinki to the outermost edge of any maakunta or landskap. Wherever you need your item or items to go, you can get them sent there safely.
On almost any budget. And any timeframe.

Send a single package, occasional documents, structured shipments.

Whatever you need, MBE makes sure that you get the most suitable carrier chosen every time. Our network of domestic shipping partners makes sure of that.

Multiple carriers, overnight shipping – whatever is best for you.

It can take you hours to scroll through all of the options when it comes to deciding which carrier to use. But the logistics expert in your local MBE Centre knows how to beat the system. Whether it’s one single express courier, multiple carriers or even multiple modes of transport which get your package to where it needs to go on time and on budget, that’s how it will travel.

Customize your service to your specific needs.

Add home collection from your doorstep. Organise preferential delivery schedules. Order a pick-up at a set time every day from your company warehouse or offices. Whatever you need to make your national shipping service more convenient

Monitor shipping, manage and get notified.

Request notification of successful shipping by phone or online. Set up regular reports on all of your commercial operations and monthly billing. MBE offers you numerous management options to make getting all of your logistics needs met simple.

Contact us now or head into your nearest MBE Solutions Centre. Speak with a specialist about making your national shipping service work the way you want it to.

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