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MBE Review of Shipping Lists 2018

Recommended shipping changes

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MBE Review of Shipping Lists 2018

The cost of courier services is always changing. MBE conducts regular reviews to ensure that all of the independent entrepreneurs in our global network know how to set their prices.
The suggested changes from our most recent review of shipping lists took effect on the 1st January 2018.

What do we do?

MBE conducts an extensive review of the prices and rates of all domestic and international couriers. This enables us to see how the market has changed over the past year. And what we need to do to keep in line with it.

Why do we do it?

So that you continue to get the best value from all of the services MBE offers
In order to make sure that we can continue to expand responsibly
For the sake of all the hard-working entrepreneurs who make up our network

What are the latest changes?

It is, of course, down to every individual to set their own commercial strategy for their area. But, after a comprehensive investigation of local and international shipping companies, MBE recommends that all entrepreneurs make the following changes to their price lists:

  1. An average 4% increase in the cost of both national and international shipping
  2. A supplement for additional handling and for heavy or irregular items or those exceeding 120 cm x 70 cm in size

A personal thank you

MBE continues to be immensely grateful to all of the dedicated professionals who make up our network, as well as to the individuals and businesses around the world who use our services every day.

If that includes you, thank you.

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