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Wine shipping to and from Finland

Secure wine shipping services

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Secure wine shipping to and from Finland

Are you a sommelier or restaurant owner? A wine producer? An event organiser? Or do you need to securely ship wine which represents an investment? MBE’s wine shipping service makes transportation easy. Whether your destination is inside or outside of Finland.

Ship wine, sparkling wine, champagne and more. Ship it by the bottle, box, barrel or casket. And ship it to any location – domestically or internationally. Even to countries like the USA where special import and export rules make wine shipping a serious challenge.

Get all your import and export paperwork taken care of. No more messing around with shipping papers and documentation. Management of this is included in your service.

Guaranteed safe arrival through specialist packaging. Your wine bottles will be secured in special containers known as “wine cellars”. These combinations of wood and polystyrene ensure the safe transportation of your bottles.

Count on support for wine export for personal use in the USA. MBE offers a special service allowing you to handle wine export for personal use in the USA. This includes the standard management of customs duties and tax as well as proceeding in line with all FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations.

Enjoy 360-degree service. From initial withdrawal of your wine to professional packaging in specialist containers to the management of documents and more, MBE has got you covered when it comes to wine shipping. Ideal for you whether you are sending or ordering wine for personal or commercial purposes.

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