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Postal service in Finland

Direct mail, registered letters and mailbox rental

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Create your perfect postal service in Finland

Dispatch all of the leaflets of your latest direct mail campaign. Send a single registered letter. Create a virtual street address to boost your business’s prestige. Whatever postal service you need in Finland, MBE makes it possible.

You save time by having an expert take care of it. No matter the size of the job you need to be handled. And, best of all, you speak to a real person every time. So you know you’re getting things done just the way you want them to be.

Mailing domiciliation – mailbox rental and more.

Receive parcels and important documents from any courier. Get a real street address in the heart of a commercial district. MBE Address ensures there is always someone there to sign for your packages. That your items are stored securely. And that you can arrange for things like notification of item receipt and mail forwarding. It’s the ideal solution for both home-based businesses and busy professionals.

Direct mailing.

Manage your entire direct mailing campaign without using up any of your time or resources. It’s more than a simple postal service. You can even get start-to-finish management of your campaign including graphic design assistance. Printing of your materials. Enveloping and addressing. As well as the final, cost-effective dispatch to all of the addresses on your mailing list. Or just the latter. Whatever it is you need.

Registered letters.

Choose your timeframe. Track your delivery. Get notified of arrival. MBE’s partnerships with all of the top carriers in Finland and around the world guarantee you can always get the best deal on your tracked mailing service.

Knock on the door of your local MBE Centre or contact us online or by phone. You will always find a helpful expert ready to assist you in making the impossible, possible.

MBE Address - Mailing Domiciliation

MBE Address - Mailing Domiciliation

Get any package signed for. Make sure there’s always someone there to receive your mail. Get notified by phone or email when you receive a delivery. Set up mail forwarding so you don’t need to collect it. Whatever you need from your mailbox service, MBE Address gets it for you. It’s mailing domestication made simple.

Registered letter

Registered letter

Dispatch any kind of valuable or sensitive goods. To wherever they need to go. Send a registered letter in Finland. Domestically or internationally. And get notified when your package arrives. MBE’s partnerships with all of the top local and global couriers ensure you always get the best deal. No matter your timeframe.

Direct Mailing

Direct Mailing

Flyers and leaflets. Postcards. Brochures. Cards and catalogues. Get all of your marketing enveloped and addressed. And then sent out to your mailing list. Choose to finalise your advertising pitch using in-house graphic design expertise. And then get them printed too. Direct mailing in Finland has never been so simple.

Packing materials

Packing materials

Want to handle your own packing service in Finland? Buy packing materials direct from MBE. Tough, sturdy cardboard boxes of all sizes. Specialist containers for things like wine bottles and works of art. A huge range of packaging like bubble wrap, tape and more. Get everything you need to safely send any kind of item.

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