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Choose the same logistics expertise used by companies in Finland and worldwide

Businesses all over the world and across Finland use MBE for all of their logistics. Whether you are in retail or manufacturing or anything in between, when you need to move goods – there’s a way to make it easy.

Save your team’s time, your warehouse space and your resources. MBE makes your commercial logistics simple.

Get every aspect of your logistics needs managed.

Going beyond your needs for straightforward delivery, you will be able to manage all of your operational details. From storage and inventory of stock and materials to withdrawal and assembly before dispatch.

Print any documents you need for delivery or for customs.

You will easily overcome any export or import problems with MBE Import. Plus, you can get any shipping documentation which your goods need printing and affixed before dispatch.

Easily add professional packing.

Make sure your goods arrive safely. Packaged with care. Your local MBE Centre is staffed by a trained and experienced team used to dispatching all kinds of products, part-finished products, components and materials to destinations in Finland and around the world.

Talk to a specialist in small and large-scale commercial transportation today. You can give us a call at your convenience or simply walk right into your local MBE Centre.

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