Special Move

Easily ship heavy and awkward items door-to-door

MBE Special Move - heavy or bulky items? No problem

Cars. Scooters. Motorbikes. Sofas, armchairs and furniture of all kinds. Heavy parcels and pallets. Or the entire contents of your house. MBE Special Move is for when your standard shipping services aren’t up to the job.
You can send any item – of any size or weight – to a domestic location in Finland or to any international destination. You can do so via land, sea or air. Whatever meets your timeframe for delivery and the demands of your budget.

Get a dedicated transporter to collect your items.

Generally, these won’t be the sort of goods which you can carry down to your local MBE Centre. Instead, you can order a transport vehicle sent out to pick up your items for you. You can then simply select the destination and your goods will be sent on their way.

Don’t worry about weight or bulk.

This service is specially designed to accommodate very awkward, heavy or bulky loads. There is almost no limit to the weight of items you can ship.

Consider MBE SafeValue protection.

Add shipping insurance which covers both the cost of your goods and that of having them shipped. Vehicles, expensive furniture and home contents are all the sorts of goods which MBE’s SafeValue option was created to protect.

Rely on the best shipping deal thanks to a global network.

Meet any requirements you might have regarding budget or timeframe. MBE’s worldwide network of partner carriers ensures that multiple modes of transport and multiple carriers can be used in your shipment . Whatever is needed to get your consignment where it needs to go.

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